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Protective Services

Visitor Access

  • Visitor pass – go to the Laboratory's Visitor Pass Request System
  • General information:
    • Any LBNL employee or affiliate may request site access for a prospective visitor with the approval of the supervisor or host and/or with the knowledge of the division administrator/director.
    • An LBNL employee or affiliate who extends an invitation to a prospective visitor becomes the Laboratory host for that visitor, and the employee/affiliate's division becomes the host division.
    • LBNL employees or affiliates hosting a visitor must advise the prospective visitor of any Laboratory site-access policies and procedures applicable to the visit.
    • Responsibility for compliance with applicable Laboratory policies and EH&S regulations and requirements of the University of California (UC) and the Department of Energy (DOE) extends from the Laboratory host and hosting division to the short-term visitor or affiliate.
    • All short-term visitors driving a vehicle to the Laboratory must obtain a one-day permit issued at the gate (or obtained via the Laboratory's Visitor Pass Request System). Site Access may issue permits for up to one week (two weeks if approved by the Site Access Manager). All visitors driving a vehicle on the Lab must produce a valid driver's license for entry.
    • Short-term visitors includes but is not limited to those giving or attending seminars, those visiting the Laboratory for limited scientific discussion or as participants solely to observe research in progress, radiotherapy patients, job seekers, tour groups, employee friends/family, retired employees with occasional reason to visit the site, and the media.
    • All visitors will be required to show a valid photo identification, provide citizenship information, and register on the Visitor's Log at the gate. Employees with a Lab ID may vouch for a visitor either on the bus or at the gate and must assume responsibility for that person while on the site.
    • Visitors arriving at the gate without a pre-printed pass, or not on the Gate List, will remain in the gate area while their host is contacted for approval.