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Protective Services

Building Access

  • Access Control - On-site access is controlled by either keys or by LBNL's automated access control system.   LBNL's automated access control system is used for exterior perimeter doors to most buildings, as well as some individual labs, offices, and equipment. The access system is linked to the LBNL Human Resources PeopleSoft database and is updated with the employees' or affiliates' current appointment status at the Laboratory.  . If your LBNL appointment end date has expired, then your access will be suspended.
  • Security Access Managers (SAM) Administrators - LBNL's automated access control system is a decentralized access permission control structure managed by each Division or major program via Security Access Managers (SAM) Administrators and In-putters.  Go here for the current list of SAM Administrators and In-putters.   The SAM Administrator determines your need for access and will direct the in-putter for that location on granting you access [The in-putter will program the requested access onto the badge of the requester.]   This process provides each division or major program the ability to discretely control access permission to its respective area(s).   In order for employees and affiliates to gain access to a building and room that requires authorized personnel only or for entry to a card access room after hours, the employee or affiliate must contact the Security Access Manager (SAM) for that location.  For after-hours access, e-mail request must be sent from the appropriate approver to the Site Access Office. 
    If you encounter problems with your access card, please contact the Site Access Office at x4551 or [email protected].
  • Keys – go here for key requests: New Key, Transfer Key, and Great Grand Master and Building Master keys.


Site Access
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