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Protective Services


The Counterintelligence (CI) Office assists Berkeley Lab employees who hold U.S. Government security clearances with interactions related to Sensitive and Terrorist-sponsoring Countries (T-3), including hosting sensitive and T-3 country nationals, foreign travel, and reporting sensitive and T3 country contacts.


A small number of the Berkeley Lab staff have maintained or obtained a security clearance for the purpose of collaborative classified research at DOE or other U.S. Government facilities. Berkeley Lab does not conduct classified research and does not maintain security clearances. No classified information is stored on site.

For counterintelligence (CI) matters, the primary point of contact for security clearance holders (and for all other LBNL employees who have questions about CI issues) is Mark Irish (phone 925-422-5557 or, email [email protected]).

Required procedure for all clearance holders:

Hosting sensitive and T3 country foreign national guests:

Under DOE's guidance governing unclassified foreign visits and assignments (DOE O 142.3A), all DOE facilities are required to document the visits and assignments of individuals who are citizens of, were born in, or are affiliated with (employed or sponsored by) sensitive or terrorist-sponsoring countries. Individuals from T-3 countries who are working or conducting research for any length of time must be approved by the DOE Under Secretary for Science before they can be granted access to the Laboratory. Since these approvals are currently taking 4-6 months or more, early notification is essential to best accommodate the prospective employee, guest, or subcontractor as well as the sponsoring division. It is recommended that no offers of employment be communicated prior to being granted Under Secretary approval for access.

Travel to a sensitive country:

All travel to sensitive countries (Official or Personal/Unofficial) by clearance holders should be reported to the CI Office for a briefing.

Contacts of a substantive nature with sensitive or T-3 country foreign nationals:

Review the criteria for Sensitive Country "Contacts." Contact the CI Office for reporting format.