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An Integrated Model of Protection

Protective Services Security Operations

Protective Services is charged with developing and administering the Security Program and serves as the liaison to external law enforcement and security agencies. Protective Services utilizes a graded approach to promote and support the Laboratory’s research mission and strategic goals, while protecting the LBNL community and DOE assets. The Security Program is responsible for providing a visible security presence, safeguarding assets and ensuring the LBNL Safety Culture extends beyond the Lab bench.

  • Security Officers at Gates, Rovers, Off-site Facilities
  • Emergency (911) and Site-wide (x6999) Telephone Systems
  • LBNL, Police, Fire Radio Communications
  • Investigation, Traffic & Parking Enforcement
  • Alarms, CCTV, Access Control Systems
  • Locks and Keys
  • Site Access/Badging/Parking Permits
  • Visitor Management
  • Foreign Visits and Assignments
  • Counterintelligence
  • Hazardous Wildlife

“By combining patrol duties, commmunications, and access control under one umbrella, our goal is to improve protection and provide world-class service.”