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Protective Services

Parking at the Lab

  1. For details on eligibility, please see Parking policy questions should be directed to the Transportation and Parking Demand Management Committee at, the  governing body responsible for the parking policy at LBNL.
  2. Getting a parking permit - new, updated, replacement, or stolen. 
    1. To get a new, replacement, or updated parking permit, contact the Site Access Office and bring the following:
      1. LBNL Badge
      2. Valid Driver's License
        Out of state driver's license holders must produce proof of insurance before obtaining a parking permit.
      3. Old Permit (for replacement and updated permits)
      4. Vehicle Information (make, model, year, color, and license plate number)
    2. Only one parking permit may is issued to an eligible person who requests one.
    3. Exceptions are made for motorcycle and bicycle permits, which may be issued in addition to an automobile permit
    4. Download your Stack Parking Information Card here.
  • Forgotten Permit. Persons who forget their parking permit may request a temporary one-day parking permit at the entry gate. The issuance of a temporary parking permit will be reported to Site Access.
  • Return of Parking Permit on Termination of Employment.  Parking permits are the property of the Laboratory and must be returned to the employee's division office or the Badge Office Site Access Office, no later than the last day of employment. If the permit holder leaves after hours, parking permits can also be turned in to the security officer at the entry gates.
  • Parking map: go here.
  • Vehicle Registration –
    1. Employees eligible for a motorcycle or parking permit must register their vehicle information to the Site Access Office before receiving a permit.
    2. The vehicle information required is the make, model, year, color, and license plate number.
    3. Employees may renew their vehicle information on the Employee Self-Service page.
  • Construction Parking Permits & Construction IDs.
    1. The Project Managers (PM) must communicate with the Security and Site Access Specialist for newly identified laydown areas.
    2. The PM must identify the number of parking spaces for each laydown area. 
    3. The Security & Site Access Specialist will only issue the amount of construction parking permits identified by the PM.
    4. Any changes to construction locations for laydown or phase updates will be communicated to the Security and Site Access Specialist.
    5. The PMs will determine whether the construction worker will be issued a construction parking permit and/or construction ID card.
    6. The PMs must submit a Construction ID/Parking Request Form to the Security and Site Access Specialist for issuance of a construction parking permit or construction ID card.
    7. For construction parking permits, the PMs must also submit a copy of the construction worker's valid driver's license.
    8. For construction ID cards, the PMs must also submit a copy of the construction workers valid photo identification.
    9. Construction parking permits and construction IDs are valid for 6 months at a time. 
    10. The Security & Site Access Specialist will notify the PM when the construction parking permit or construction ID is ready to be picked up.
    11. The PM or the construction worker may pick up the construction parking permit or the construction ID.
  • Parking Policy Enforcement:
    • LBNL Security conducts patrols of parking lots throughout the Laboratory to carry out parking policy enforcement activities. Parking Violation Notices will be issued to vehicles that are observed to be in violation of LBNL parking policies.   Penalties for Abuse of Parking Privileges.  To ensure that the parking policy is enforced equitably throughout Berkeley Lab on-site parking areas, the Laboratory has instituted a point system for parking violations by which various parking offenses are assigned penalty points within a period of time, and after six points are accumulated within a six-month period, parking privileges may beare suspended based on the below criteria. If a continual pattern of abuse is detected, further administrative action may be taken.
      • LBNL parking permit holders who accumulate six points or more in any consecutive 90-day period, or 10 points or more in a year, are subject to having their parking privileges suspended for up to 30 working days. When an LBNL parking permit holder approaches the 90-day or annual parking point threshold, the Site Access Manager will submit the parking permit holder's Parking Violation Notice file to the LBNL Transportation Parking Demand Management Committee.  Go here for point schema (takes them to LBNL parking policy violations point structure).
      • The Transportation Parking Demand Management Committee will review all applicable excessive Parking Violation Notices and make a recommendation on the status of the LBNL parking permit holder's parking privileges.
      • LBNL parking permit holders who believe that they were issued a Parking Violation Notice in error may submit an appeal through the Site Access Manager for review by the Transportation Parking Demand Management Committee.
    • The University of California Police Department (UCPD) conducts traffic and parking enforcement patrols throughout LBNL. UCPD patrols may issue parking citations for vehicles and drivers observed to be violating the California Vehicle Code.
  • Temporary Handicap Parking:
    • LBNL makes every effort to accommodate disabled drivers by making appropriate parking spaces available. Persons possessing a disabled person parking placard from the California Department of Motor Vehicles can park in any available disabled or blue triangle parking spot. Persons newly disabled or with short-term disabilities can get an LBNL temporary disabled parking permit for up to 30 days, as described below.
      • STEP 1: Employee seeking temporary handicapped parking will visit Health Services in B-26. After your consultation, Health Services will provide you an authorization for temporary handicapped parking, if warranted. You must obtain a state disabled person parking placard from any DMV office for periods beyond 30 days.
      • STEP 2: Employee will take the form from Health Services to the Site Access Office in B-65A. You will provide the Site Access Office the Health Services form and you will be provided a temporary handicapped blue triangle-parking pass.
      • STEP 3: This pass provides you access to blue triangle or handicapped parking for 30 days. Many of our buildings do not have handicapped parking adjacent to the building or convenient to you. Please contact the Traffic Safety Program Manager or EHS at x5514. EHS will work with your Building Manager to ensure you have parking near your building to accommodate your temporary disability. If you have any concerns or issues, please call x5514.
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