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Protective Services

Security Update

THREAT ASSESSMENT: January 9, 2004-- The Department of Energy has directed all DOE sites to lower their security status to Secon Level 3, to coincide with the Department of Homeland Security advisory system. Security measures as listed below are in place. If you have any questions, call Dan Lunsford at x6016.

ID Cards:

Every employee must have a valid LBNL proximity badge and either wear it or produce it upon request. Badges and clips are available in the Site Access office in Building 65A (x4551) from 8am - 5pm Monday - Friday. To obtain an ID card, you must bring another form of ID and be "Active" in the HRIS system.

Gate Procedures:

  • All employees driving personal vehicles, including motorcycles, will be required to stop and provide positive identification through display of a valid LBNL parking permit. Drivers of LBNL government vehicles must present a valid LBNL photo ID.
    • Employees who have forgotten their parking permit must stop and be issued a one-day temporary permit.
  • Passengers in all vehicles must have an LBNL ID or another valid photo identification.
    • Those without a LBNL photo ID are required to provide citizenship information and register on the Visitor's Log.
  • Bicyclists and pedestrians must have a valid LBNL ID.
    • Bicyclists and pedestrians without a LBNL photo ID are required to provide citizenship information and register on the Visitor's Log.
  • The Blackberry Gate will be open 24 hours a day. All after-hours and weekend traffic must enter through the Blackberry Gate.
  • All after hours and weekend traffic through the Blackberry Gate will be required to stop for identification and must have a valid LBNL ID for the electronic reader installed at that gate. Passengers without an LBNL ID must be logged in and provide citizenship information.
    • Employees who have forgotten their LBNL ID badge, or their badge does not scan as valid, will be processed as a visitor and a host will be required for admittance.
    • NOTE: Security is not permitted to grant access to any employee into any of the card controlled buildings or rooms.
  • The Strawberry Gate is staffed from 5:45 am to 8:00 pm on normally scheduled work days.
  • The Grizzly Peak Gate will ONLY be staffed from 6:30 to 9:30 am for in-coming traffic. However, this gate has been modified to open half way to allow vehicles to exit 24 hours a day. As in the past, you should drive to the sensor line in the pavement and the gate will open for outbound traffic only.

Visitor/Gate Access:

To ensure your short-term (casual) visitor is expeditiously processed through the Gate, please submit a Visitor Pass Request. For same-day requests, call the Blackberry Gate at x4050. All visitors will be required to show a valid photo identification, provide citizenship information, and register on the Visitor's Log. Employees with a Lab ID may vouch for a visitor either on the bus or at the gate and must assume responsibility for that person while on the site. Visitors arriving at the gate who have not been cleared will remain in the gate area while their host is contacted.

Bus/Shuttle Riders:

Personnel who ride the LBNL shuttle buses must have a valid LBNL ID, a UC staff or student ID, DOE Standard badge or Office of Science Common badge.


This information is being provided by the Environment, Health & Safety, Security and Emergency Operations for employees of the Berkeley Lab. For other security issues, call any one of the following people:

  • Allen Benitez, Security and Emergency Services Group Leader, 486-6016
  • Brian Strock, Security Manager, 495-2133
  • Aaron Ward, Emergency Services Manager, 486-7032
  • After hours, contact Security Dispatch at 486-4050